Zakia Tazin
Chairman & Managing Director,
Index Group

Zakia Tazin, one of the leading women entrepreneurs of the country, started her early career as a business, investment and stock market analyst. With her dazzling talents and devotion, soon she caught the central light of themarket as a frontier expert. Followed by the glow of her expertise development, within the shortest time shelaunched the fi¬rst ever business show in electronic media naming “Ekushey Business” on ETV and set a benchmark in the history of business and stock analytical show in the country. Starting a career with “Pioneering”business and investment analytics, later on she concentrated on doing business as consulting fi¬rm naming“INDEX” and once again with her restless effort, the fi¬rm created its own footprint with success in a industry. Tilltoday successful completion of 52 projects with UNDP, World Bank, ADB, CIDA etc. is truly a success story for alocal consulting fi¬rm with such global clients.

Simultaneously she has diversi¬fied into manufacturing, service and retail. Over the years, she developed somestrategic global partnerships, capturing new markets and discovering new business opportunities. Today, in thecountry, Index Group is one the most successful growing business conglomerates where she is leading from thefront. Under the banner of Index LP Gas ltd. ZakiaTazin, being the chairman and managing director of Index Power &Energy Ltd. has established the largest and most advanced LPG storage and bottling facilities in Mongla maritimeport artea. Moreover, under the same company she is acting as the sole supplier of “LD-KO2 Octane Booster(nonmetallic anti knock)” to Sylhet gas ¬field limited (a company of Petro-Bangla).

Under the banner of Agro Index, she established one of the most sophisticated & modern ¬fish processing, blockice manufacturing and storage unit in Patuakhali district. At present, modernization works going on at the Agroindustrial complex which is going to be the largest and most sophisticated fi¬sh processing, block ice manufacturing and storage unit of the country. Beside these, she continues to expand her footprint, focusing on various markets such as oil and gas, petrochemical, agro industrial facilities, eco-tourism, ship-building and information technology.


1. Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry
2. Bagherhat Chamber of Commerce & Industry
3. Nordic Chamber of Commerce & Industry
4. Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry
5. Bangladesh indenting Agent's Association
6. World LPG Association
8. One World (South Asia)
9. The Impact Alliance (USA)
11. Stop TB World
12. Green Peaces
13. World Association of Soil and Water Conservation, Thailand
14. EcoMod, Brussels, Belgium

Global Business Development Partners

1. Kosan Crisplant, Denmark.
2. S-Tank Engineering Co. Ltd, Korea
3. Metal Mate Co. Ltd, Thailand.
4. M/S Beijing Kouright Import & Export Co. Ltd. China.
5. INAI KIARA SDN BHD, Malaysia etc.
Shafiullah Al Munir
Founder and CEO,
Index Group

Shafiullah Al Munir (SAM) is one of the leading entrepreneur, a prominent patron of games andsports and an eminent philanthropist of the country, who started his career as a commerce, investment communicative and social development consultant. With his astounding aptitudes, rapidly heestablished himself as a dominant figure in the industrial and commercial frontier. Heralded by theambiance of his education, proficiency and talent, he focused on doing business and initiated hisfirst venture as a consulting firm with the name de plume ‘INDEX’. With his determination, thesetup shaped its identifiable footprint as a prosperous outfit. Till today that nascent consulting firm have successfully completed 52 assignments, starting with UNDP, World Bank, ADB, CIDA etc. Itis indeed an inordinate triumph for a native consulting firm, dealing such global clients.

Simultaneously, he diversified into manufacturing, service and retail. Over the years, he established numerous strategic partnerships capturing un-tapped markets and discerning innovativebusiness opportunities. Today, ‘Index Group’ is one of the most thriving commercial conglomerates in the country, where SAM is leading as its CEO.

Under the banner of ‘Index Power & Energy Ltd’, SAM has established ‘Index LP Gas Ltd’, whichis one of the largest and most advanced LPG storage and bottling facility in Mongla maritime portarea. Under the same company, he also supplied “LD-KO2 Octane Booster (nonmetallic antiknock)” to ‘Sylhet Gas Field Ltd’, a concern of Petro-Bangla. Beneath the flag of ‘Agro Index’, SAM established in Patuakhali, a coastal district of the country,one of the most sophisticated and modern fish processing, block ice manufacturing and storagefacility. This is the largest and supremely sophisticated fish processing, block ice manufacturingand storage unit of the country. Beside these, SAM continued to enlarge his impression on power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, eco-tourism, medical tourism, medical equipment manufacturing, information technology etc. His transnational cooperation now has protracted to Austria, Belgium China, France, Hong Kong,India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia, Nepal, ROK, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey,UAE, UK and USA.


13 days training program on “Basic Human Development” under TerredesHomes (Switzerland).Participated in the seminar on ‘Training Program’ (four days) held in Dhaka sponsored by ‘NationalCouncil for Labour Co-ordination of ILO’, organized by BMDC, Dhaka. One day Review workshop on “National Plan of Action for Children 1997-2002.

Organized by MOE Women and Children Affairs, Government of the People Republic of Bangladesh, Dhaka.

Two day’s workshop on ‘Evaluation Study’ by directorate of ‘Non-Formal Education Primary andMass Education Division’.

One week training on ‘Manpower Requirement’ Organized by ILO.

Four days training on ‘Strategic Planning’ organized by Ecoman Lab, India.

Training of Trainers (TOT) on ‘Presentation Skill Development’ (five days), Organized byBAMWSP under DPHE, supported by World Bank.

Training on ‘Development Management’ organized by CDS, sponsored by BRAC, CDM Rajendrapur, Gazipur.

TOT on ‘Peoples Participatory Planning’ organized by SPAR, India.

Basic course on ‘Logical Frame Work’ organized by ‘EC NGO Support Project’.

TOT organized by COMMUNICA, Dhaka


1. Advisor, Asia Hockey Federation.

2. Chairman, Event and Strategy Development Committee, Asian Hockey Federation.

3. Chairman, Tournament Committee, Hero Asia Cup 2017.

4. Chairman, National Team Management Committee, Bangladesh Hockey Federation.

5. Chairman, Tournament Committee, Bangladesh Hockey Federation.

6. Chairman, Hockey Committee, Mohammedan Sporting Club Ltd.

7. Chairman, Hockey Committee, Dhaka Victoria Sporting Club.

8. Chairman, Hockey Committee, Wari Club.

9. Vice Chairman, Bangladesh Hockey Federation.

10. Vice Chairman, Bangladesh Archery Federation.

11. Vice Chairman, Dhaka Victoria Sporting Club.

12. Councilor, Bangladesh Olympic Association.

13. Life Time Sponsor Member, Wari Club.

14. Member, Mohamedan Sporting Club Ltd.

15. Member, Budget & Planning sub-committee, Bangladesh Olympic Association.

16. Member, Army Golf Club, Dhaka.

17. Member, Tangail Rifles Club.


1. Founder, AllamaYakub Ali College.

2. Founder, Foez-E-Rabbania Dhakhil Maddrsha.

3. Founder, Yakub Ali Primary School

4. Founder, ZakiaTazin Primary School

5. Founder, Foez-E-RabbaniaMohilaAtimKhana( Female Orphanage Home)


From the very beginning of his commercial career SAM has involved himself in the fieldof sports. His keen interest on the subject has made him one of the most sort for leader ingames and sports society. His contribution to the development of various national sportshas no bound. Following paragraph is the testimony of his massive involvement in thesports arena.

Time Line of Sports Activities

2012 Index Sponsored ‘Mohamedan Sporting Club Ltd’ (MSCL) Hockey Team. MSCL is a topranking sporting club in Bangladesh. MSCL is headquartered in Dhaka, with local branchesthroughout the country.

2012 MSCL Designated Shafiullah Al Munir as the Chairman of the Hockey Committee at thesame time affirmed him as a ‘Permanent Member’ of the club. Index became the prime sponsorof the MSCL hockey team.

2012 SAM through his dynamic leadership brought a revolutionary change in the history ofHockey of Bangladesh. He sponsored a team of European coaches to include Mr Gerhard Peterchas head coach AkhimMentorse as video analyst and Ludger and Wishman, as trainer.

2012 SAM funded ‘Mohamedan Sporting Hockey Team’ to go to Germany for ‘Conditioning Camp’. He pioneered any Bangladeshi Club Hockey Team to acclimatize in the Europeanhockey environment. Since then, Bangladeshi hockey players started playing in the ‘European League’ adding new prospect in the potentiality of Bangladesh hockey.

2012 MSCL Hokey Team became ‘Unbeaten Champion’ in the ‘Premier League Hockey-2012-2013’ season.

2013 Shafiullah Al Munir undertook another gigantic initiative in the Hockey. He designedand proposed franchisee based hockey tournaments. Unfortunately his idea was rejected bythe ‘Bangladesh Hockey Federation’. The decision was long debated across all the length andbreadth of the media.

2015 Along with MSCL Shafiullah Al Munir extended his support to the following majorclubs and “Index” Sponsored the following team.

2015 Once again SAM fetched from Europe new set of coaches for the MSCL. The coachesincluded Mr Oliver Kurtz (Head Coach) and MrWichman (Trainer). Both of them were fromGermany.

2016 Air Chief Marshal Abu Esra became the President of ‘’Bangladesh Hockey Federation’and Shafiullah Al Munir joined as the ‘Vice President’ of ‘Bangladesh Hockey Federation’.

2016 Shafiulluah Al Munir become the Chairman of ‘National Team Management Committee’. He again sponsored the national team to go to Europe for long strategic and Conditioning Camp. The team played many international matches in Austria, Poland & Germany. Indexwas the sponsor of that whole tour & camp. 2016 After the Camp, Bangladesh National Hockey Team went to Hong Kong and becameChampion in AHF Cup 2016. Index Sponsored the Hockey Team.