M/S Zayan

Few new projects have been developed under the supervision of the Index Group, such as M/ S Zayan Cruise. The company already did study to review the feasibility of constructing and operating a luxurious passenger vessel under private sector based on demand in inland water transport routes from Dhaka to river line southern districts to the country for example, Barishal and Patuakhali. The conducted research shows that travelers to these districts prefer marine travel much more over land travel, due to long duration of journey and better accommodation.

Job opportunity:

The research also discloses that if this project is implemented, it will create job opportunities for 68 personnel of various categories. The total fixed cost of the project has been estimated at Tk. 54.20 crores. The project will be meant for inland waterways (local market). Zayn Cruise Limited is a member of one of the leading business companies in Bangladesh engaged in trading, project support, construction works, logistics, transportation, supply of crews/ specialized manpower (Local and abroad), rental of equipment. will create job opportunities for 68 personnel of various categories.

Some important steps will be taken under the project: 1) Safety provisions: Safety is one of the most priorities of the management. In order to be safe from various occupational hazards and fatal accidents, there is no alternative to safety training. Another important area to ensure safety is to define responsibility and assigning specific role to specific persons.
2) In order to avoid the above-mentioned risks the company generally arrange the necessary safety instruments and aware the crew & co-workers for any untoward incident.
3) The management will develop a professional management team to operate the Ship with a corporate approach. Taking necessary measures against fire, fire fighting equipments, Personnel protective equipments (PPE) and first aid box will be distributed.

Program for promoting awareness:

Environment knowledge and practical awareness will be promoted by the operators and supervisors. They will carry out one to one discussion and publicity activities. Various awareness tools will be utilized for improving efficiency in promoting this awareness among the dealing staffs, operators. In addition a compliance team will work relating to total affairs of the operators on regular basis.


Corporate Social Responsibility:

A Crew Training Center will be set up for providing training for a large number of unskilled/ semi skilled workforces. The trainees after successfully completing training will be eligible as competent for overseas recruitment. Students from leading universities of the country will be trained as internee in various disciplines (Cruise vessel operation, finance, human resources, etc.) Scholarships will be awarded to the meritorious non-management staffs. There is a plan for a tree plantation project for building green Bangladesh.

Concluding Remarks:

The feasibility of the Cruise Vessel operation has been studied and analyzed from the viewpoint of managerial, technical, marketing, financial and economic and also environmental aspects. The management is well experienced to manage the operation. Commercial operation of the Cruise Vessel is considered technically viable, economically and commercially feasible and financially profitable and environmentally friendly. Financial and economic analysis shows that the successful operation will yield the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 47 per cent which is above the minimum acceptable rate. The operation will generate immediate direct employment to about 64 persons from the very beginning of its operation. The project will not pollute the environment and no waste will be disposed without purification as per industry standard and authority’s instruction. Moreover, necessary awareness program will be taken to reduce carbon through supplying of sapling to the community resides the vessel under the forestation program of the management.

Conclusion remarks:

Even though there is considerable uncertainty attached to the forecasts, it is clear that inland water transport will continue to play a significant role in passenger and cargo movements. Inland Water Transport (IWT) and Inland Ports render essential services to the nation through passenger transportation and handling of relief materials in areas where road and rail communication are not available, or have become disrupted. Finally we would be able to state that Water transportation is cheaper, safer, and environment- friendly, and will continue to play a significant role in the economic life of Bangladesh in the future.