Most great achievements begin with a dream. At CDL we still nurture our dream of a cooler world with uPVC windows. With climate change being the top concern of environmentalists and common citizens alike, we wanted to help make a comfort-able difference in a very uncomfortable situation. From here was born our company CDL that helps you face the elements of nature when they are unruly. Once you have us by your side, we will make sure that you stay in comfort within your home with some of the very best uPVC doors and windows in the world.

Cool Summer, Warm Winter

In a tropical country like Bangladesh, the weather outside can have a great impact on both your health and mood. For enjoying the wonders of the season to the fullest we suggest CDL uPVC windows for minimal weather hassles and maximum enjoyment.

Green Windows to Save Energy

Yes, CDL uPVC windows are the latest addition in an array of solutions to optimize energy usage. When you choose uPVC windows for your home you automatically choose reduced power bills and less of greenhouse gas emissions.

Windows that perform better

  • Better Energy Efficiency
  • Higher Noise Reduction
  • Superior Weather Resistance
  • More Durability
  • Full-Proof Security
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Better Functionality
  • Good Looks and Beauty

Less Noise, More Peace

uPVC windows offer peace of mind, literally. uPVC windows offer enhanced noise reduction. Thanks to the multi-chamber systems, the windows effectively control and reduce the entry of external sounds inside the room and make it more peaceful.

Less Maintenance, More Comforts

uPVC window frames are like a dream come true. They offer maximum comforts with almost no maintenance time at all. So at the end of the day you will not only be sleeping better, but you'll love your time at the window sill too.


Casement windows are your regular swing and open windows. Casement windows are suited for any and every architectural mood and are the safest design option that one has. So in case nothing fits the bill perfectly, casement windows won't ever let you down.


Sliding windows are a must have if you have a flat that opens up to a great view of the neighbor-hood. Not only do sliding windows add elegance to your home, they also complement the picture perfect view from your room.


Tilt and Turn windows are very effective in saving space. They are ideal for ground floor homes with rooms opening up to the mains street or path ways. This by itself can let in a lot of noise and pollution. Tilt and turn windows effectively keep the banter out and offer you calm.


Combination windows add value with their own innate uniqueness by clubbing together the features of two windows for forming the perfect window. For example a tilt and turn window with a sliding option or a casement window with a tilt option is what you are looking at for your dream window.


Louver shutters look great in well-designed homes. Aesthetic and out-of-the-box they bring in a sense of style and offer an old world charm to your home. Louver shutters from CDL can protect your home and interiors too from the harsh sun and inclement weather conditions.